How will the gameplay compare to the one of Crisis Core?

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im just wondering how come people needed crisis core for that relationship. kind of would have been obvious if you had certain characters in your party when you went to gongaga. i honestly think that square enix is milking that nibelheim incident more than they are milking ff7. the scene honestly is still to this day not that great.

I don't care how stupid this scene was, I think it really set the mood for the ending and their friendship overall.

I don't like when he dies ( ;_;)
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the Nibelheim Incident was Genesis-conned.

What happened?
I didn't play it.

Horrible happened.

F'real though, had Angeal spouted random useless poetry from time to time there would have been no need to create Genesis at all. That's how lame and unimportant he is.
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