Here's a poll I thought you guys would be interested in.

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Not interested. Topic failed.
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Poll doesn't even load.
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Don't know why it wouldn't load. Oh well.
My response to trolls; GET A JOB!!!
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Is it the one asking "Which of these Final Fantasy games has damaged the brand most?"?
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DragoonGriffith posted...
Is it the one asking "Which of these Final Fantasy games has damaged the brand most?"?

My response to trolls; GET A JOB!!!
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Oh, that site. Are they still paid off by EA and Activision?
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#9TheHolySummonPosted 5/21/2013 11:49:19 AM - just go there (without spaces) and you'll see the poll on the right hand side, after scrolling down some. If interested. The choices are XIII/XIII-2/Lightning Returns, XIV, XIII Versus, or the series has not been damaged.

I did not like XIII-2 at all. That was - I don't know what to think of it. I did like XIII. Lightning Returns has yet to be seen and/or played to make a judgement. XIV I heard that it was just messed up - but I never understood how, why, where, when, etc. Versus, again, hasn't been seen and/or played to make a judgement.

Has the series been damaged? I want to say no. Still, I can see where - for some reason - some sort of quality has been sacrificed for some other aspect of the game.

XIII had a great story - albeit needed fleshing out of both characters and story (I said the same with XII) - but game play (especially when you need to grind to make gil to upgrade accessories and weapons) is kind of tedious outside of the storyline. In other words, the linear complaint comes to play in this (and this is where I feel XII exceeded XIII). It was indeed a very closed off world, with a lot of potential on both Cocoon and Gran Pulse to make exploration a mind-blowing experience (in a good way.)

XIII-2 - it was the opposite. A more open gaming experience, but horrid storyline. More fleshing out was needed in this game than in the first one! And, dare I say, bad advertising. We didn't see the happy ending we were promised (unless that was bad translating, and we were giving wrong information). Two new characters (major, three, if you include Alyssa) who needed more explanation than they got ingame. DLC that - while fun at times - that were not really necessary (though we did get some tiny tidbits of new(?) information in Snow's, Sazh's and Lightning's DLC.) Back to the main story though - just - no. It caused more questions than answered for XIII as well as for FNC.

They've not kept up the standard in quality. A good game with good visuals with good storytelling. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I rather play a game with a hundred or so hours worth of game play (story included), if I get to end the game feeling complete.
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What did Ashley say?