If you could compliment or defend one thing about Lightning

#1wafflepitarmPosted 5/23/2013 6:05:01 AM(edited)
What would it be?

I only defend her because she gets butchered all the time. That doesnt mean the fanboys aren't equally whiny

I also defend her look. Add more meat to her bones and change the hair colour and attitude and she will pass.
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#3DragoonGriffithPosted 5/23/2013 6:11:47 AM
Defend - It's not her fault, so much as its Toriyama for milking and making her worse with XIII-2.

Compliment - I like her looks. The first time I saw her, I thought she was cool.
#4Panda_KunPosted 5/23/2013 6:12:38 AM
Nothing. She is a lost cause.
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Sorry. I can't defend or compliment her as I can't find any quality in her that I find positive.
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#6darkphoenix181Posted 5/23/2013 6:56:45 AM
she isn't fat
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Possible love interest for the GREAT GILGAMESH
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Barely any screen time in XIII-2.
#9LuBu1975Posted 5/23/2013 7:03:18 AM
Compliment - Good Leader.

Defend - Too skinny.
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Id say she has balls
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