Snow Must Die.

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User Info: Xclaim

3 years ago#21
"(Snow's) too stubborn to die." - Lightning
Quinn: "Haven't you heard the expression 'You eat what you are'?"
Daria: "Haven't you heard the expression 'Get the hell away from me'?"

User Info: Kakashi_Lawyer

3 years ago#22
hyro56 posted...
I wish this thread would disappear.

Snow must die, sorry.

User Info: kirusu

3 years ago#23
DuuuDe14 posted...
The Heroes never die.

have not been playing that many rpgs have you?

User Info: NightEnigma

3 years ago#24
Tbh I wouldn't mind if the whole entire cast died in the end it would actually make me interested in LR story.
Rock Music FanGirl.

User Info: TwilightOdin

3 years ago#25
Elice_Carol posted...
Noerah shippers must all die. She'll do this bloody deed herself.
If Lightning will fall for someone in LR, it's Hope. I said it first.
Oh, and LR's Main theme is going to be titled 'Prayer'. I. Said it. First.

User Info: DaGreatOnelol

3 years ago#26
Noel must die =D
"Damn right and I'll do it again. I am right so I gotz to win" - DMX

User Info: new_tradition

3 years ago#27
How does Snow dying solve anything in the game though? His existence isn't a paradox or anything, right?

User Info: kratoscar2008

3 years ago#28
I hope not, because we would get FFXIII: Snow Returns.
The official Vulcanus of the Shin Megami Tensei IV boards Vic is baaaack.

User Info: lkhlkh

3 years ago#29
a33071201 must die because he said it

User Info: lamerhater

3 years ago#30
Noerah sucks.
The official Penelo of the Duodecim Boards.
"I'll be going too. Every good sky pirate has a partner, right?"

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