If you can change Lightning's gender? would you do it?

#21TwilightOdinPosted 6/21/2013 2:07:52 PM
j-fielding95 posted...

So stubborn, you are!
If Lightning will fall for someone in LR, it's Hope. I said it first.
Oh, and LR's Main theme is going to be titled 'Prayer'. I. Said it. First.
#22MalakTawusPosted 6/21/2013 3:52:44 PM
No, i wouldn't change anything since i love Lightning's character as it is.
"Remember, you can make anything as idiot-proof as you want, they'll just build a better idiot...."
#23Payback85Posted 6/21/2013 4:32:13 PM
Evil_Sandwich posted...
Yes. I'd make her a Futanari.

And we all pretend not to know what that means