If there was going to be another game in the Lightning Saga...

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Anyway, I would totally play a sequel to LR if we get to play as the descendants of the previous cast and I would be dying to find out how they would look like.

Touche! Except, maybe a new, better writer?

Obviously. I'll nominate Tetsuya Takahashi for that job if I could because I don't really have high hopes for those in SE.

As long as he handles it better than the ones we have already.
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a prequel would work we have a fair few characters we already know: Caius, Yeul, Fang and Vanille and some potential new characters. Would it not be interesting to see the war of transgression from the Pulsians point of view and see for ourselves how it all kicked off. I want to know what destroyed Heari I was wondering if that big chunk of Cocoon's shell that Fang ripped of hit it, as there are ruins and then a big massive hole next to them.

there is so much potential in this game, we have more character development, a more in depth look at Pulsian cultures, massive explosive CGI cut scenes of Fang destroying stuff while Vanille looks on helplessly and of Caius dying dramatically again.

the main antagonists would most likely be Barty and Anima and the main characters would switch between Fang and Caius's parties so it would have multiple stories like the old FF games did.

I cant see it happening though as ff13 finishes on the ps3 and the ps4 comes out the end of the year.

as for another lightning saga game, we'll have to see how the first game ends but the FNC universe is complicated and we only know a small part of it. Even if Bhuni and the others meet their end in LR there could be other Deity's we have yet to meet.
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I would want it to be a survival horror game. Zombie Serah would be building up a massive zombie hord that you would have to mow down with a number of deadly weapons to choose from. Maybe a House of the Dead style rail shooter
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What would you want it to be about?

Noel's life prior to XIII-2.

With playable caius and yeul

That would actually be a really awesome party

Yeah. It would be awesome interacting with ~10 other people, traversing a barren world while Caius constantly harps on about wanting Noel to succeed him.

Such an experience.
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Gotta be a Caius prequel. I'm bored of female protagonists, give me a hunk.
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Gotta be a Caius prequel. I'm bored of female protagonists, give me a hunk.

Noel. Don't know if he counts as a hunk, but he's hot nonetheless.
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Gotta be a Caius prequel. I'm bored of female protagonists, give me a hunk.

Play any other Final Fantasy other than VI. Or play any other game and you'll have a 96% of picking a game with a male lead.