You're suddenly transported into a Final Fantasy world... (Seconds Game)

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CranberryTaco posted...
HA, this makes me look like a practiser of voodoo

~ ~
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So I'm a Time Mage with a Buster Sword... Who do I get to be like? So I'm the main hero's sidekick, and I'm a Judge Magister in XII. Dammit, why the game in the series I couldn't get into?...
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LightningPooh posted...
CranberryTaco posted...
HA, this makes me look like a practiser of voodoo


I made you type that.
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Okay, I'll play along.
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astrophys posted...
Okay, I'll play along.

September 12.... Well balanced with daggers.... karma of 24.... an Occuria..... since when do Occuria actually USE weapons in the first place....

Seconds position in time of post.... 33..... let's look that up:

"33: Becomes a love interest for the main villain."

Argh...... so I guess Vayne must have developed some sort of one-sided interest....

Only if I had posted 4 seconds later......

37: Gains godhood within the game.

Which would be closer to making sense seeing that I already got "Occuria" from my karma... they aren't actual gods, but they do try to act like them......
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Ultima Weapon

Baron Dragoon from IV

Becomes a permanent party member--the one everyone in the party finds annoying.

Annoyingly overpowered!
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Shinra Infantryman, uses bombs and excels at status effects ... who becomes the main hero/heroine's personal sidekick.


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