Sexiest man in Final Fantasy?

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#72Sum_quod_erisPosted 1/3/2014 2:27:09 AM
Bahamut > Kimahri > Snow > The Rest
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GazelMinistry posted...

Him & Gladiolus , i don't know :3
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Gadot, Barrett, Sabin.
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Gau looked like such an 80s Miami pimp when he Raged a monster with blind. The mullet combined with what looks like ray bans. Too cool for school.
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Imma do this again.

In no particular order: Snow, Cid Highwind, Jecht, Basch, and Zack (dem triceps).
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...Damn Zack's good lookin' too.

There's too many hot guys to choose from! *passes out*

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biskittttttt posted...

You have excellent taste to say Basch and no other.
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