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>Linking to Kotaku for anything but to make fun of it
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kewldude475 posted...
>Linking to Kotaku for anything but to make fun of it

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Wow reviews are absolutely tearing this game apart more so than I thought they would. Oh well.

Seems like the general consensus of the review is gameplay and fanservice good everything else bad.
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Kotaku in alignment with other reviews and not praising garbage? I'm impressed!
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So... make fun of it then?
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glad i rented this, all reviews are reinforcing my decision nicely
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Initial thoughts: Kind of disappointed Jason Schreier didn't write this review.

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But anyways, overall, I think the review is fair, especially if you imagine someone who didn't play FF13 and 13-2 is reading it. Those who enjoyed the first two are going to get this anyhow. Like most of the other reviews, he pans the story, but likes the gameplay, and he even takes a paragraph to go on about the outfits.

It just seems harsher because Kotaku is set up on a strict 'yes/no' review system instead of a numerical scale.
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Sounds fair.
I generally prefer Reviews with a simple Yes/No structure instead of slapping some arbitrary number on at the end that doesn't really mean much.
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lol @ kotaku