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2 years ago#1
I'm sure there's been a lot of delay going on with the shipping and such, but has anyone in Canada received their copy yet? Particularly BC.

I'm quite worried since I didn't receive a tracking number with my order.
2 years ago#2
Same boat as you buddy, they shipped mine out last tuesday. Also no tracking number.
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2 years ago#3
I am from ON and have yet to receive my CE. I got the shipping notice on the 4th.
2 years ago#4
same here in NB it shipped the 4th still not delivered
2 years ago#5
Glad we're all in the same boat, standard shipping I'm assuming?
2 years ago#6
yup i am starting to regret not getting the 30dollar shipping lol
2 years ago#7
ON here and I got mine in the mail yesterday but I paid for $30 priority shipping. Had $25 in customs fees too.
2 years ago#8
Yeah, I got mine yesterday. I live in Surrey. I picked express shipping and it came in extremely fast and was in perfect condition when I got it, but I did have to pay 20 dollars for custom fees though.
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2 years ago#9
My CE was shipped Monday and arrive 11:30 am the next day at my Mississauga location.

I don't understand why SE don't make CE available at retail. It's a nice CE package although a bit expensive especially having to ship it to Canada. Something like this usually are available in limited quantity and will sell out at retail. Perhaps SE is not sure how well this game will do and distributing an expensive CE is considered as risky.
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2 years ago#10
Last time when Canadians ordered resident evil 6 from Digital River with standard free shipping, the game came 4 weeks late after shipping a week early. I got to play Resident Evil 6 after everybody I know that already platniumed the game.

Hopefully its not thedeja vu, and hopefully we dont have to pay for customs like the guy above.
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