Final Fantasy X-3?

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Woah woah woah... if they're remaking stuff because it's popular, where's the FF7 remake? I think that's sold more copies than every FF ever released after it. Combined.
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OldKye posted...
This may be old news but putting it anyway.

As some of you know the remaster version of FFX/FFX-2 is selling quite well dispite the original coming out 13 years ago even better then LR in fact though it is $20 cheaper many fans have already played it

Apparently just before they put the HD version out Kazushige Nojima said they would look into a FFX-3 if enough people like the idea.

What do you think the "Real" chances are of that? they have done this same comment here and there with a FF7 remake but with their fondness for sequels at the moment and a 13 year old game outselling their new one my normal "Never gonna happen" stance is more jaded and mixed.

What do you guys think?(You can rage if you need the outlet lol but say if you think they will or not too ^.^)b

That's kind of the thing. The whole fan demand comment is just a general PR quote that can be summed up as "we are not saying no, but we are not planing to do it at the moment."

The XIII sequels didn't come out of fan demand but out of a desperate attempt to get short term cash by reusing old assets, and the CoFFVII didn't garner the fan reaction SE were after. Unless the HD collection sells really well, I can't see a full blown sequel/ prequel. A smaller project maybe
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I feel they pretty have no choice but to make a FFX-3 since they open that can of worms with the audio drama. The party does sound like it will be Yuna, Tidus, Lulu, Wakka, and the two newcomers.
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lollazers posted...
Woah woah woah... if they're remaking stuff because it's popular, where's the FF7 remake? I think that's sold more copies than every FF ever released after it. Combined.

it sold more then every FF released after it yes, but not combine xD FFVIII was actually VERY close to FFVII's sales, 8.15 M compared to 9.8M. and if you would've taken the time to look for 30 sec on google you'd know why they are not remaking FFVII... : it's way too big to do, they can't just put it in HD they'd have to redo it from scratch (basically a whole new game), but since we'd want the same systems as the original FFVII, it'd have to include everything and it's simply isn,t possible w/o HUGE amount of money, combine that with the fact that they'd have to sell it for 40$ like every remake since no on wants to buy a remake for 60$ (65$ with todays' price) would mean it would take forever just to be square (no pun intended) let alone make some profit. ahh also there.s the fact that a lot of the people saying they want FFVII remake would not buy it and you have a game that will more then likely cost more money to make then it would bring back and that is VERY bad in a capitalists economy.

now, I hope you've learned something and will now stop yelling that Square dosen,t want to make the game you want every friggin where since you now know it,s pretty much impossible to do.

ahh did I mention that with today,s technology even if they were to do it, the game would suffer from HUGE framerate issue, even on the PS4. So please stop asking this...
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