3 new side novels for XIII series

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How can you continue Lightning Returns? They remade the world to ours or something like ours and that's just boring considering we just destroyed the world a couple of times, killed a few gods, had pet transformers, time traveled, and then made a new world. How long would a Snow and Serah wedding take?
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" In the next issue on sale June 19, 2014 ..., "further Final Fantasy to me for a scoop. " A fully new title, until now " FF which seems to genre that did not exist? " In addition, apart from this, " Final Fantasy XIII novel booklet depicting the events of "series after completion," Final Fantasy XIII REMINISCENCE-tracer of memories-recollection - tracker of memory - "is in the appendix! "The next issue also FF do not miss the Weekly Famitsu of "fullness!"
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Cautiously interested. The novella bits I've read so far aren't bad (should've been in the games in some way in my opinion, but whatever...).

It's just...I wasn't a fan of the post-credit scene for LR. I liked the mysterious ending with everyone surrounding the trademark Final Fantasy crystal and eventually fading to black. It was nice like that. Leave it up to the player's imagination what happens next.

What they showed in the post-credit isn't how I would've imagined the subsequent events, but that's just me...

Well either way, if someone translates it, I'll read it. I'm easy like that >.>
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Hope this comes out in uk, would like to read it!
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I didn't mind the ending but I hope these novels give closure for the other characters as well instead of just all about Lightning.
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Iightningz posted...
Yep. More answers, finally. The amount of closure in the ending was piss poor.

magdapocket posted...
Nothing about the LR prequel novella though. Ugh.

More Lightning.

Hey, hoperai might become a thing.

Jesus #@$%ing Christ. Now I have to strangle more puppies.

vplt posted...
Novels...meh, I'll pass.

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