Sign this Petition to publish Final Fantasy Ultimania books in english

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OMG 4 new signatures! Only 9,424 to go and we will start getting Ultimania books in english!

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Topic title should be "Sign this petition that will ultimately do nothing no matter how many people sign it!" because that's exactly what's going to happen no matter how many people sign it, nothing, the same thing other online petitions like this have done, nothing.

Silence, this is not any petition. It is a japanese localizing book publishing company (Interbooks) that want to see if there is any interest for a Final Fantasy Ultimania book english localization, kind of like what Gaijinworks did when they asked people to vote to see if there was enough interest (get an idea of how much copies they would be able to sell) toward the physical copies of Class of Heroes 2G.

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will sign it, I am amazed this hasnt been done already, I expect to protect prima and piggyback?

People are interested in Ultamania books for the same reason they are interested in other companion books (such as Grimoire Nier), because of additional stories/plot information not available in the game. Remember Resonance of Fate, the plot was kind of confusing was it not? Well, if you could read japanese you would have been able to buy Resonance of Fate companion book and thanks to it the game plot would have made alot more sense.
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Most of it has been translated I think which could also be why there's less interest.

where is the translation?

I asked on etrosgate and I get replies stating impossible.

You'd have to google it. I think I saw people post screenshots and translations on mognet central. I can't remember exactly since this was a few weeks ago when I looked