Lightning is too skinny

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Isn't she supposed to be a fighter?
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Doesn't have to be realistic. Fang is too skinny to be a fighter too, along with most other characters from Final Fantasy.
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Yeah. Too skinny. They're not meant to be realistic but at least the guys have some muscles on them. Lightning's got weak little stringbeany arms for someone who was supposed to be a great military soldier.
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Tifa's boobs are too big.

...oh sorry, I thought we were playing "point out the obvious".

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This is by far my favorite Lightning. She is incredibly boneable.
#8tommy101Posted 8/8/2014 11:27:20 AM
Never thought about Fang or Lightning as being too skinny, but maybe because Vanille, Alyssia and Jihl were the ones I paid more attention too, although, that being said, I don't think I've thought about them not being true to life either, Vanille and Alyssia probably are, although Jihl probably falls into the same category as Lightning and Fang!

CatMuto posted...
Tifa's boobs are too big.

...oh sorry, I thought we were playing "point out the obvious".


Hahaha, poor Tifa!
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Hello4438 posted...

Dem legs <3. Too bad her swords from previous entries doesn't change forms like in 13 and 13-2 in LR.. I'd die of happiness if she has her 13's scabbard form and 13-2's gun form.
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apparently girl who wish to look good in hi res can never be to skinny!X///