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Soul Seeds.... (Archived)New_Username33/1/2014
What Happens when you finish the Game? (Archived)bleach20963/1/2014
Do you think FF15 will be better than the FF13 trilogy? (Poll)
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If not for that one thing in the end this would have been my fav FF *SPOILERS* (Archived)ShadowxLightz63/1/2014
about leveling up abilities... (Archived)DmChoudhry_23/1/2014
Here is why the time limit technically does not exist... (Archived)Vegerunks53/1/2014
Last ones? (Archived)dacai73/1/2014
Shadow hunter weapon (Archived)vimarjr43/1/2014
divine wear deathless mask? (Archived)datemasamuneX23/1/2014
Shield specifics and guarding (Archived)EtherealSoul33/1/2014
Japanese voiced demons sound scarier than English voice, why is that? (Archived)darkqueenhelba43/1/2014
Does anyone have images of all the weapons? (Archived)darkmaste15533/1/2014
How do you receive your DLC garbs? (Archived)thenewendymion43/1/2014
Need to farm Argangeli, Sugriva, and Chimeras? C'mere. (Archived)
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who do you feel was the most likable protagonist in the xiii series? (Poll)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
Defeating last ones before the ultimate lair (Archived)Matt_rulz43/1/2014
So I reach Ereshkigal on Hard and... (Archived)
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Unknown garb? (Archived)
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are all superior/rank 5 weapons unlocked from the beginning in hard mode? (Archived)Tsuki-Shiro23/1/2014
Well that's a difficulty spike. (Archived)FFFanatic1234103/1/2014
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