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Guys I think I broke Hope. He hasn't said anything in forever. (Archived)84Mantines92/27/2014
Cloud DLC (Archived)realrj62/27/2014
Beat all main quests, and 90+% of miniquests with plenty of days left... (Archived)FedEx_Corp102/27/2014
Denuding (literally) a god... (Archived)Combat_Clinic52/27/2014
To those of you who completed the game, give an honest score to the game (Poll)
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How do I get to the ultimate lair? (Archived)xMrShadow52/27/2014
Can I wear sub shema outside combat? (Archived)Tesla2832/27/2014
Where can I find Gertrude? (Archived)Justinchrono22/27/2014
Ending...(people may post spilers) (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
How to perfect attack? (Archived)zerovirus123102/27/2014
I can survive aeronite but he flies off :/ (Archived)JRPG42/27/2014
Whats the point of this equipment? (Archived)-TheFranchise-62/27/2014
Started watching a cutscene marathon. (Archived)PerfectZedor72/27/2014
Stats+Gameplay of todays dlc (Archived)
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This game is solid (Archived)MikasaAyanami22/27/2014
helter skelter question (Archived)ghostboy68522/27/2014
Oops. Battle advice requested. (Archived)
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This game is making me sick (Archived)
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Day 7 w/3 days left, can I make it? (Archived)MonkeyDTim102/27/2014
Anybody have QuizUp?? (Archived)swoop11912/27/2014
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