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2 questions related to beating Aeronite (Archived)HardBoiledGamer42/28/2014
I'm soooo happy Fragments are gone! Anyone else hated them in 13-2? (Poll)
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Does chronostasis disappear when I reload? (Archived)HRsksky22/28/2014
Did I see the secret ending? *SPOILERS!* (Archived)muzykalscorpio52/28/2014
Best weapon to level up so I can destroy aeronite? (Archived)snowslydder72/28/2014
I don't really get Synthesis (Archived)Megidolaon82/28/2014
Synthesis and Reduction ATB Cost question? (Archived)thettunhan22/28/2014
Need help on Earth Eater! (Spoilers) (Archived)15RC52/28/2014
Another time question but related to printed guide (non CE) (Archived)endoflist62/28/2014
Any tips on farming Elementa? (Archived)lce-Nine92/28/2014
Having trouble..... (Archived)Sweet_Rhapsody82/28/2014
DLC outfits question help (Archived)liamx200042/28/2014
a few mid-game questions (Archived)AyumiSqueezetoy62/28/2014
Snow+/Snow++ (Potential Spoilers) (Archived)Ydarf82/28/2014
Didn't accomplish a lot on first playthrough - New Game+ Question (Archived)ChaosInvoker92/28/2014
Holy Forgefire and Demonic Forgefire help (Archived)vincin5582/28/2014
Where can I find Snow after... (Archived)ShanaChan1692/28/2014
Should I wear the Beggars Beads in The Ultimate Lair? (Archived)Javman2109242/28/2014
So is there any use for Ultima? (Archived)Muflaggin32/28/2014
Canvas of Prayers After Trophy (Archived)Rax62552/28/2014
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