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how do I enable/use outerworld/facebook? (Archived)Jasmin69982/27/2014
Is Sazh not cool enough? (Spoilers) (Archived)
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Is that it for dlc or are there more dlc costumes? (Archived)
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Might buy this.. Questions (Archived)Dragoon0872/27/2014
Cant beat final form... spoilersish? (Archived)
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Sniper Accessory.. How does it work? (Archived)ShanaChan1692/27/2014
same enemies spawning (Archived)SectionX252/27/2014
After the first one. XIII-2 should have made Snow the main character*spoils* (Archived)Last_Classic92/27/2014
Best substitute for Thundara? (Archived)FFFanatic123432/27/2014
Skip the passcode? (Archived)FirebyrdXX32/27/2014
How I beat every boss in this game (Archived)hisoku222/27/2014
Why does omega dryad not appear ? (Archived)Tommymaster62/27/2014
What Garb is needed for the Holy Garb of Destruction trophy; where do I find it? (Archived)newblood31052/27/2014
Excalibur upgrade suggestions? (Archived)Dsouvan62/27/2014
Please read and reply (Archived)Dzagmal52/27/2014
Which garb best showcases Lightning's armpits? (Archived)Junpei_Stupei32/27/2014
Need help with Roadwork I canvas quest (Archived)DanaDoo1222/27/2014
Lightning Returns hex ability list so far (Archived)
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Imagine ff7 with a time limit. (Archived)
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Do you think XIII-2 ruined the story of the series? (Archived)
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