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Question about Jump ability (Archived)EchoPianist32/27/2014
oh lightning..... (Archived)
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Which non-rehashed music is your favorite? (Archived)Junpei_Stupei92/27/2014
Guess what champs like Lightning eat? spoilers.. (Archived)
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Perfect Ability Question (Archived)Duke_DS22/27/2014
stats (Archived)
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I have one gripe about this game!!! (Archived)
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Should I be fighting last ones in Chaos? (Archived)jayhau742/27/2014
I don't know how to use Martial Monk Whirlwind Kick properly... help? (Archived)gfaqster42/27/2014
time limit (Archived)StickFingaz51112/27/2014
About Last Ones.... (Archived)BikkiBikki52/27/2014
Post your Outerworld info here!!! (Archived)
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Think they'll find some way to tie LR to FF15? (SPOILERS) (Archived)
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Lightning is so totally fashionabluh. (Archived)Sacred_Arfaid82/27/2014
Ever get stuck on Schematas? (Archived)SilverZeik22/27/2014
Earth Eater tips (Archived)FragmentsOfHope52/27/2014
the 14th day will not unlock for me on NG+ (Archived)jlh2853242/27/2014
Must have new game equipment upgrades? (Archived)JRPG32/27/2014
Guess what tune I am humming (Archived)
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Quick question: I have 900k, anything worth buying on the last day? (Archived)Tesseus62/27/2014
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