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Excalibur upgrade suggestions? (Archived)Dsouvan62/27/2014
Please read and reply (Archived)Dzagmal52/27/2014
Which garb best showcases Lightning's armpits? (Archived)Junpei_Stupei32/27/2014
Need help with Roadwork I canvas quest (Archived)DanaDoo1222/27/2014
Lightning Returns hex ability list so far (Archived)
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Imagine ff7 with a time limit. (Archived)
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Do you think XIII-2 ruined the story of the series? (Archived)
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So, Normal Mode's First Playthrough (Poll)
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Question about getting additional ATB and EP bars (Archived)zombie_cyanide102/27/2014
Where now? (Archived)Nasteeman32/27/2014
Dang, that took forever... (Archived)nikokid22/27/2014
Beggars Beads and Mi'qote Garb (Archived)excalibur7542/27/2014
I really enjoy this game! (Archived)Macki8942/27/2014
Prep for Ultimate Lair/ Earth Eaters *Possible Spoilers* please assist? (Archived)Violetkage92/27/2014
I like this game but I wish we got MORE boss fights anyone agree? (Archived)
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No point? (Archived)dacai42/27/2014
Difficulty spike? (Archived)Panzerscrap82/27/2014
Maps with... (Archived)jaylj4022/27/2014
Would killing a +/++ boss give more boosts to my stats than the weaker version? (Archived)B_Apple32/27/2014
infinite chronostasis/disable time limit DLC (Poll)
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