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This game faintly reminds me of Persona 3 and Persona 4 (spoilers) (Archived)xtremeduel52/26/2014
Amount of CGI cutscenes (Archived)DefectDS52/26/2014
If you are an expert in this game, who said these lines? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
How Do I Get Cloud/Soldier Garb? (Archived)karat22/26/2014
Need help; Caius (Archived)dacai102/26/2014
Think I messed up, new game + question (Archived)unclesok22/26/2014
Anyone else think it's weird that no one calls Lightning Claire? (Archived)
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Dat Areonite (Archived)
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Must have skills, garb, equipment on day 7 and 10 for ultimate lair and aeronite (Archived)JRPG22/26/2014
anybody here (Archived)xAkG12/26/2014
FF theme wedding so kewl (Archived)Magnusmight22/26/2014
Warrior's Headband (Archived)ViolentShadow22/26/2014
New game plus question (Archived)unclesok32/26/2014
With our powers combined....*Spoilers* (Archived)
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Dog, Doctor and Assistant. (Archived)Darkinsanity142/26/2014
Anyone else disappointed that there's no Gamer Pictures? (Archived)lce-Nine42/26/2014
The biggest problem with this game's story(SPOILERS) (Archived)Vegerunks22/26/2014
Trading Art of War DLC(360) code for Aerith Garb(PS3) (Archived)MrCross22/26/2014
Yeul is too young for Noel. (Archived)
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Should I hold out? (Archived)Panzerscrap52/26/2014
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