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I like this game but I wish we got MORE boss fights anyone agree? (Archived)
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No point? (Archived)dacai42/27/2014
Difficulty spike? (Archived)Panzerscrap82/27/2014
Maps with... (Archived)jaylj4022/27/2014
Would killing a +/++ boss give more boosts to my stats than the weaker version? (Archived)B_Apple32/27/2014
infinite chronostasis/disable time limit DLC (Poll)
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Beggar's Beads... (Archived)CNyceNC52/27/2014
Is Punt good for anything? (Archived)TruTrini4LIFE72/27/2014
Ouch I was loving this game but the final dungeon did some VERY HANDHOLDY! :( (Archived)AwesomeOSauce52/27/2014
I just started Day 6, and I only have one major complaint so far... (spoilers) (Archived)Dark_Link_Rawks42/27/2014
Is Thundara the best move for Staggering? (Archived)sivartauhsoj62/27/2014
Does the beads increase quantity>? (Archived)Chronux22/27/2014
Does Noel NTR Serah in this game? (Archived)DemonKiller00722/27/2014
Do you get back any money from the items you put into outerworld? (Archived)TruTrini4LIFE52/27/2014
Any way to change the chocobo music? (Archived)Kainstryder12/27/2014
@LRFF13 Welcome to Outerworld/Posting Screenshots (Archived)Ydarf32/27/2014
I just played the demo of this game... (Archived)
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How do i go NG+? (Archived)OmarMohy32/27/2014
Areonite location? (Archived)supershadonic72/27/2014
What recovery items do you carry, and why? (Archived)
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