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Day 6 - 6 Days Left (SPOILERS) (Archived)Jamie64ds52/26/2014
What's a good replacement for Midnight Mauve? (Archived)Darkinsanity162/26/2014
You know, I was never able to cut off that Dragon's Tail... (Archived)Junpei_Stupei72/26/2014
Dlc out in eu but no pack bundle ? (Archived)wesleyofbartje82/26/2014
What do I do with Unappraised Item? (Archived)Raiden24362/26/2014
I've figured it out. Lightning went to Tahiti. (Archived)JuliMizrahi22/26/2014
A word of advice for people disliking Hope in this game (mild spoilers) (Archived)
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Dead Dunes side quests tip (SPOILERS) (Archived)realrj82/26/2014
Something cool I noticed in the ending Cgi cutscene(huge spoilers). (Archived)chaosflame10862/26/2014
Need some advice (Archived)dacai52/26/2014
Quick question about two monsters (Archived)1319_1305542/26/2014
Cannot find Triffids. (Archived)Falend82/26/2014
What is the best way to get the maximum results (spoiler) (Archived)daizengar762/26/2014
Bhunivelze might have a hawts... <SPOILERS> (Archived)masked_yazoo22/26/2014
Why is Mediguard so revered around here? *NO SPOILERS PLEASE* (Archived)
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how do i stagger aeronite? (Archived)xKitsunex62/26/2014
What endgame garbs, acessories, shields, swords should I have or buy? (Archived)gfaqster62/26/2014
New DLC release? (Archived)SilverZeik22/26/2014
Hmm what's a good setup for Temple of Etro? (Archived)
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Which Monsters should I make extinct before going to Ultimate Lair? (Archived)AwesomeOSauce22/26/2014
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