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Does monster extinction carry over to NG ? (Archived)TwilightOdin52/18/2014
Arise (Archived)
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Help with the monster in "What rough beast slouches" (Archived)Milla_Maxwell42/18/2014
Where is the Sand Gate? (Archived)RPG maniac8732/18/2014
kusanagi look alike... (Archived)xemitine12/18/2014
any online maps? (Archived)
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I need help fighting an Earth Eater (normal) (Archived)dualswordtrunks62/18/2014
Why isn't [spoilers?] a garb? Missed opportunity SE (Archived)PlatinumMad32/18/2014
A question about the ending. (spoilers..) (Archived)Elysianic82/18/2014
What's your order so far and what are your main garbs? *Spoilers* (Archived)ShuyinOnTheWay42/18/2014
Chocobo girls DLC (Archived)kblaze1322/18/2014
Omega Gaunt (Archived)DaakuCloud32/18/2014
Best garb for debuffing? (Archived)tadashii1892/18/2014
wait waht, omega Gremlin on Day 7?? (Archived)Nafe92/18/2014
Think of your favourite FFXIII character whose name begins with 'L' (Archived)wolf rider52/18/2014
about lightning from xiii-2, is this a religious game? (spoilers) (Archived)PMCkubrick92/18/2014
Favorite garb set up (aesthetic purposes) (Archived)
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The ending just made me wish this wasn't a Lightning solo game *spoilers* (Archived)IrishSpectre_N742/18/2014
Where do you get Holy Forgefire and Life Smelt water? (Archived)Milla_Maxwell72/18/2014
Guys...guys...seriously now...Chronostasis. (Archived)
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