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wait waht, omega Gremlin on Day 7?? (Archived)Nafe92/18/2014
Think of your favourite FFXIII character whose name begins with 'L' (Archived)wolf rider52/18/2014
about lightning from xiii-2, is this a religious game? (spoilers) (Archived)PMCkubrick92/18/2014
Favorite garb set up (aesthetic purposes) (Archived)
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The ending just made me wish this wasn't a Lightning solo game *spoilers* (Archived)IrishSpectre_N742/18/2014
Where do you get Holy Forgefire and Life Smelt water? (Archived)Milla_Maxwell72/18/2014
Guys...guys...seriously now...Chronostasis. (Archived)
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accessory location list? (Archived)Xiocamie82/18/2014
About getting the Final Day. Spoilers. (Archived)Matty028962/18/2014
Difference between Yuna pre-order and Yuna PSN DLC? (Archived)axlman1293452/18/2014
Is it possible to get the Ultima Weapon in normal gameplay? (Archived)Milla_Maxwell72/18/2014
Sad That There's No Mwynn (Archived)Supermancav32/18/2014
C/D: lightning needs to eat (Archived)Goderator102/18/2014
How do people "spam chronostasis"? (Archived)
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Where is the Jade Hair Comb? (Archived)Mass_Effect_75792/18/2014
About this 6-13 days left (Archived)
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"Apparently there's some sort of back door..." (Archived)Snorlax_exlax12/18/2014
Very satisfied with the ending (spoilers) (Archived)
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For anyone looking for 13 Clocks in Luxerion (Archived)
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Inverted Roles. (Archived)Gingeraj12/18/2014
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