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aerith code to trade (Archived)coldmug52/17/2014
anyone feel like FFXIII is standalone while XIII-2 and XIII-3 are together, (Archived)
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If I do a ng+ on easy mode (coming from normal) (Archived)Deamonwarrior82/17/2014
Free Art of War dlc code, (Archived)stormywaters12/17/2014
where is sazh? (Archived)
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What happens if you don't fight ~Spoiler~ before 6:00? (Archived)Tokyo63062/17/2014
What happens after I complete the 5 main quests? *spoilers* (Archived)megamanfan12322/17/2014
Which enemies drop Items after being Perfectly Blocked...? (Archived)Moe_Lester_1382/17/2014
Confused about the 14th day... (Archived)EternalNether32/17/2014
Quick Question (Archived)Yoare22/17/2014
So how's it feel (Archived)GrayMuse22/17/2014
Do you guys use the -aga based elemental spells? (Archived)BiggyDX62/17/2014
Magic Slash (Archived)Koa0722/17/2014
Luxerion: Avid Reader quest, the dull grudge knife reward? (Archived)LTR450racer32/17/2014
Do the items dropped by Last Ones stay in the field until picked up? (Archived)Chaos_1962/17/2014
Did I just eff myself? *main quest spoilers* (Archived)CrazyBilkes52/17/2014
I'm so tired of having Cloud shoved down our throats (Archived)
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This story would be so much better without Lightning in it. (Archived)
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Guide to beating Caius - guaranteed (Archived)
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XIII linearity vs getting lost in LR (Poll)
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