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This game is good (Archived)The_Cisco62/17/2014
So, I have my Elixir now, and I want to share it via Screenshot Send... (Archived)
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Can't remember where to find " Hoplite " (Archived)PainMaker22/17/2014
Is easy mode easy (Archived)lonecow52/17/2014
Love the miqo'te victory music. (Archived)Xiocamie12/17/2014
[Spoil] About Lumina in the end (Archived)LastStarlight42/17/2014
High pitch clicking how do i fix this?!?!? (Archived)FeirceDovahkiin12/17/2014
So no talk of DLC right now other than costumes? (Archived)Redwarz32/17/2014
Spoiler the ending spoiler (Archived)MegamanZX225522/17/2014
Its 17th feb the dlcs arent out and i still cant redeem my codes :/ (Archived)
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how do you earn money in this game? (Archived)rengokum62/17/2014
Did my game glitch? *spoilers for Luxerion* (Archived)Ichigo_Uchiha32/17/2014
Finding two skills (Archived)Chaotic_Knite32/17/2014
game's pretty fun (Archived)YoyokuKO32/17/2014
Need advice Temple of Etros (Archived)RGPanzner42/17/2014
aerith code to trade (Archived)coldmug52/17/2014
anyone feel like FFXIII is standalone while XIII-2 and XIII-3 are together, (Archived)
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If I do a ng+ on easy mode (coming from normal) (Archived)Deamonwarrior82/17/2014
Free Art of War dlc code, (Archived)stormywaters12/17/2014
where is sazh? (Archived)
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