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Is the time activated content this abundant in the entire game? (Archived)EternalNether42/17/2014
4 days of grinding- Why should I??? (Archived)
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how is the world? is it varied, interesting and fun to explore? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Spell farming and difficulties. (Archived)Rasolisu22/17/2014
Chocobo Eaters' location? (Archived)acucar52/17/2014
Secret lives of sheep and matchmaker quests (Archived)Tookni52/17/2014
Side Quest Schedules (Archived)eternalshades32/17/2014
Helping Hand Trophy Glitch (Archived)SayWord1322/17/2014
Days question (Spoilers) (Archived)Negi030732/17/2014
Cant get Siegfried garb (Archived)IncredibleTen32/17/2014
I admit it, I'm pathetic (Archived)
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Thireen is NOT in Canupas Farms, help (Archived)Chronux22/17/2014
Why is the frame rate so bad? (Archived)
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whoops! i forgot this came out but i had it preordered. will i still get the...? (Archived)Heartsnatcher22/17/2014
Looking to build stats now, what's the most productive way to go about it? (Archived)JackNief52/17/2014
My thoughts on the ending (not related to ff xv) (Archived)thepatrickpet82/17/2014
Miqo'te Dress? (Archived)
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How I handle Earth Eaters (which may apply to Chocobo Eaters) (Archived)BiggyDX62/17/2014
Friggin Caius... (Archived)
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Last One drops (Archived)Im2Epic42/17/2014
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