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Tried my Cloud DLC everyday from launch to now. Didn't work. Anyone have spares? (Archived)gb09422/17/2014
Future FF titles with Lightning being jamed down are throat (Archived)OverLordChaos72/17/2014
Any way to tell how close something is to becoming extinct? (Archived)DeMoNiCpApEr42/17/2014
The Guy who does the "Last one Standing" quest says I have one Last One left? (Archived)
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Japanese voice DLC is saving grace (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ]
So now that you've been playing a while... (Archived)
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fastest way to get EP in Dead Dunes, and where? (Archived)Nafe32/17/2014
Future DLC Updates. (Archived)JR_SPOT22/17/2014
So the time limit.... (Archived)Dustin128072/17/2014
Trophy for beating 500 enemies (Archived)fettster77782/17/2014
Demonic Forgefire? (Archived)ThoughtfulFan12/17/2014
Where are the Sprint Shoes??!!? (Archived)Braver_Angel_7032/17/2014
Cloud DLC request (Archived)DRAGONReD_8812/17/2014
Empty Map :( (Archived)FoolishKinG32/17/2014
Day 4, 5:58, low health, how do I beat this boss? *Wildlands Temple Boss Spoils* (Archived)
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Help: Story Guy Quest (Archived)fantasypower99922/17/2014
Should I open this? (Archived)coolestkid642/17/2014
recovery items - new game + (Archived)DangerDan1532/17/2014
The Avid Reader Side Quest and the Dark Knight (Archived)Mocca_Sweets82/17/2014
This is a good game. (spoilers) (Archived)Negi030712/17/2014
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