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Guidebook Question (Archived)
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So I get the impression that this game is really short? (Archived)
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what gives you another day? (Archived)Darkefka82/17/2014
Which of these quantities is greatest? (Poll)Hman10172/17/2014
Amazing soundtrack. (Archived)jordina82/17/2014
The guitarist of Luxerion (Archived)Athelweiss32/17/2014
Is spell and skill carry over in NG+? (Archived)holypay22/17/2014
How long before the Shard Blade is obsolete? (Archived)FFFanatic123432/17/2014
His Wife's Dream Sidequest (Archived)Cymerian32/17/2014
FFVII Director Speaks Out About a Remake (Archived)RhadamantisZERO62/17/2014
Can someone give me a link to LRFFXIII App? (Archived)Victor_Kresnik72/17/2014
What shouldn't I bother doing on my first playthrough? (Archived)IrishSpectre_N732/17/2014
Last One difficulties (Archived)borak198512/17/2014
a rose by any other name quest help (Archived)Jasmin69932/17/2014
24 Hour time is so confusing at times. (Archived)
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WHAT? CHOCOLINA IS ACTUALLY (Spoilers) (Archived)Avelrah62/17/2014
It was so simple...MASSIVE spoilers. (Archived)
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Outerworld Incentives (Archived)
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Music/song when chasing the Luxerion boss (spoilers)? (Archived)TheShadowDragon72/17/2014
Before I buy this game. How bad is the time limit? (Archived)
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