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What's the Warren? What's the Cathedral look like? (Archived)dandangogogo22/17/2014
Is there a music track you dislike/hate? (Archived)Iightningz42/17/2014
So if I missed going to all the shops and getting stuff? (Archived)Darkinsanity142/17/2014
Just saw this game's ending *spoilers* (Archived)SaltySasuke102/17/2014
Dress up question (Archived)MacaronofDoom22/17/2014
I screwed up maybe. (Archived)84Mantines72/17/2014
Easiest way to get ethers? (Archived)Zetathekitsune232/17/2014
In need of Cloud DLC code (Archived)frayedmetal8712/17/2014
Firewyrm scales? (Archived)Death_Wing32/17/2014
How spoilery is the outerworld? (Archived)RPG maniac8742/17/2014
Why is Toriyama in love with Lightning? (Archived)
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Will the Cloud DLC be released? (Archived)kenzipanda72/17/2014
Replace the FFXIII Trilogy's cast with another FF's! Day one: FF1 or FF2 (Archived)Omega_Zero_XP12/17/2014
best garb,weapon,shield,and accessories for these types of Schemata (Archived)UxSxFreedom32/17/2014
US Art Of War DLC trade with UK Art Of War DLC (Archived)kaze66642/16/2014
Aeronite last phase help? (Archived)SealBlade22/16/2014
Launch question (Archived)Darkefka42/16/2014
So I'm guessing I read that longevity time wrong? (Archived)Swan362432/16/2014
This game is hard on easy, please help. (Archived)
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Buried Passion/To Save the Sinless (Spoilers) (Archived)TheShadowDragon42/16/2014
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