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Anyone have the number of Seeds required per reward? (Archived)Redwarz82/17/2014
Few questions about timer (Archived)nfobia32/17/2014
Art of War DLC (PM) (Archived)Vileblast42/17/2014
About Omega enemy variants (Archived)Death_Wing92/17/2014
Red Star Rating? (Archived)JTdenim42/17/2014
would like to trade a cloud code for aerith code (NA) (Archived)raulgarcia232/17/2014
An example of blind hate (Archived)Albelnox062/17/2014
How many playthroughs before playing Hard ? (Archived)theseus1942/17/2014
Still don't understand why Hope is 14 again. *spoilers* (Archived)Zero_is_Me102/17/2014
Best Fantasy Fantasy character of all time - Sazh vs Sazh (Poll)Milla_Maxwell102/17/2014
yasaanun can it be completed?? (Archived)Accen3562/17/2014
I guess I'm blind? (Spoilers) for one area of the game.. (Archived)Matty028962/17/2014
Abuse heavy slash instead of attack and light slash? (Archived)JRPG52/17/2014
How long did it take you to download this? (Archived)BuffyCanSlayit42/17/2014
Rare Garb.. spoilers! (Archived)EliteDragonNite42/17/2014
Any good video tutorials for teaching me how to Guard and perfect guard better? (Archived)gfaqster32/17/2014
does anyone have any spare aeris/yuna dlc codes they can share? :D (Archived)allsmith012/17/2014
Need help on last boss. (Archived)zerovirus12312/17/2014
WTB: Cloud Strife DLC (PS3) (Archived)BrbMomYellin72/17/2014
Wild lands Main quest question spoilers (Archived)xphoenixonx52/17/2014
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