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14th day (Archived)skittlez67102/16/2014
For those of you on New Game+ Hard Mode ... (Archived)lce-Nine42/16/2014
After completing my 1st Normal Difficulty playthrough, which do you recommend? (Archived)BiggyDX52/16/2014
(spoil) I need help with builds and equipements ! (Archived)LastStarlight72/16/2014
Reaver Farming? *some spoilers for wildlands* (Archived)HewhoservesKuro92/16/2014
Really good game (Archived)Mobius1Rising12/16/2014
Artemis Arrow better than Slayer? (Archived)Victor_Kresnik62/16/2014
Assuming the fastest way to get Expert Craftsman is... (Archived)Redwarz42/16/2014
How do you get easy gil and weapon upgrade materials for Hard Mode stuff? (Archived)Milla_Maxwell62/16/2014
(Spoiler) About Bhunivelze (Archived)lesjcalb52/16/2014
Erotica is the key to salvation, light. (Archived)Darksta72/16/2014
What makes the clock tick? (Archived)porradenick62/16/2014
Optimal Sidequest Route (Archived)Y2Jericho42/16/2014
Is it also Crystal Tools fault? (Archived)jjuniorzd32/16/2014
Some Codes for Trade (Archived)Shiro_Aurion12/16/2014
So do you ever gain a day for the Clock? (Archived)UxSxFreedom72/16/2014
Soldier of Peace, and Artemis's Arrow. (Archived)TwilightOdin92/16/2014
Last ones item drops (Archived)tennismatt22/16/2014
I got the Piggyback guide, where's the Art of War DLC code? (Archived)xXMythieXx42/16/2014
Should i bother with Aeronite on the first run? (Archived)Negi030742/16/2014
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