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Should i bother with Aeronite on the first run? (Archived)Negi030742/16/2014
Hard mode non-NG+? (Archived)Akazora62/16/2014
What? (Archived)cabcalloway198362/16/2014
Some of the sidequests are really saddening *spoilz* (Archived)TwilightOdin42/16/2014
what is with the cat with the sidequest marker in Luxerion? (Archived)Omega_Zero_XP42/16/2014
End game spear? (Archived)martinmap52/16/2014
Question about secret dungeon (Archived)Minasyan82/16/2014
New opinion: In regards to time limit. (Archived)
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Xbox 360 Samurai set up for trade. (Archived)Christm7722/16/2014
What's all this about the game being difficult? (Archived)BikkiBikki62/16/2014
*Spoilers* Final boss form... (Archived)HewhoservesKuro62/16/2014
are there others who think the saddest Part is...?(Spoilers. Duh) (Archived)EbonyEye12/16/2014
Ultima lair entrance (Archived)JustinS198532/16/2014
Are there any missables by only 100%'ing a hard mode run? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Should I focus more on subquests or canvas or prayers sidequests? (Archived)gfaqster52/16/2014
Question about elemental sword attacks (Archived)CTaffy91922/16/2014
Question about accessories and status effects. (Archived)BENDMMAFAN52/16/2014
Help! Boss in that temple in the Wildlands*spoilers* (Archived)joon9452/16/2014
The writing is definitely terrible. (Archived)
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questions about sidequest (Archived)javiergenesisx22/16/2014
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