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question about artemis arrows (Archived)hiddenuser200032/16/2014
Where are the Moogles? (Archived)EggsEggsEggs22/16/2014
Is the main story of this game seriously only 2 hours long? (Archived)
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What was YOUR path? What exactly did YOU go do in the first 5-6 days? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
When I'm fighting Ereshkigal, my Heavy Slash will not convert to Artemis Arrow. (Archived)Redwarz42/16/2014
Does your Magic Attack stat effect debuffs? (Archived)Milla_Maxwell62/16/2014
So day 2..maybe spoils? (Archived)chief60652/16/2014
Does any main quest take more than 1 day to finish? (Archived)acid32192/16/2014
Cloud DLC... (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Dreadnought Omega (Archived)ericzero22/16/2014
Curious, what are all of the Maximum Stats? (Archived)sakurayule92/16/2014
Why do you guys care what a Game Reviewer gives this game? (Archived)
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Fireworks In A Bottle/Fireworks For A Steal question (Archived)Veneficium52/16/2014
Saboteur / Sentinel schemata set-up (Archived)cz75gsc62/16/2014
Is it hard to get 40 sidequests done in 12 days? (Archived)
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Default ATB 0% (Archived)Brakkis42/16/2014
EU 360 Art of War code for EU PS3 Cloud Code (Archived)unlosing_ranger12/16/2014
Do I need to start over? (Archived)Mooogleman42/16/2014
Earth Eater is giving me a hard time. (Archived)JackNief82/16/2014
Any tips/strategies for the bonus dungeon? *possible spoilers* (Archived)Zetathekitsune272/16/2014
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