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HP drop at the start of every battle? (Archived)cz75gsc32/16/2014
"Perfect Timed Attacks!" (Archived)lce-Nine82/16/2014
Suspicious spheres.Whered the guy go? (Archived)Brandy197722/16/2014
4 weeks later (Archived)Hansnr112/16/2014
so....before I start...wtf is up with this time limit bs.. (Archived)
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Blue Mage Garb (Archived)KingKoopa2052/16/2014
How to obtain imperil? (Archived)bookspinner52/16/2014
Favourite Region? (Archived)Deanyzy102/16/2014
I am quite worried about the time limit, canI still make it? (Archived)
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After finishing all three games I still don't know who the villain is (spoilers) (Archived)Branchos92/16/2014
Dead Dune, temples, after getting that cool party member HELP (spoilers)_ (Archived)Nafe22/16/2014
Hope's voice is so sexy... (Archived)
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My sole gripe with this game (Archived)Jdarrz82/16/2014
Free Will isn't broken (Archived)Brakkis12/16/2014
This is bull, how the hell are you supposed to hurt the Final Boss' last form?!? (Archived)Milla_Maxwell22/16/2014
I just completed the Main Quest in the Dead Dunes; what next? *spoilers* (Archived)Milla_Maxwell42/16/2014
Adornment Question (Archived)SuikodenVlover42/16/2014
Your take on the game? (Possible/Probable Spoilers) (Poll)Matty028952/16/2014
So what actually happens when the days run out? (Archived)xphoenixonx22/16/2014
Was the real reason for this game & XIII-2 due to XIV's failure? (spoilers) (Archived)Asherned102/16/2014
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