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Toriyama should direct every FF's battle system from now on (Archived)
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wat happens if i miss the 1st day requirements of 6 events for day extension (Archived)etben52/16/2014
Stuck at the end |Spoiler| (Archived)zrankian42/16/2014
Looking to trade my Aerith costume for a Yuna code (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
EP points (Archived)Joshy6192/16/2014
Ah yes, the sexy chicken is back. (Archived)Junpei_Stupei32/16/2014
I can't get cloud's outfit anyonelses for that matter.... (Archived)harrysacc22/16/2014
best spot to farm reavers? (Archived)Tesseus22/16/2014
Demo DLC - Einherjar Costume (Archived)EinherjarZX52/16/2014
What are some good Garbs to have where I am in the game? (Archived)
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So, at what point do the DLC garbs get surpassed? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Deep fried niblet hairball? (Archived)super_fred_3000102/16/2014
can i ask if the dlc are region locked? (Archived)
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Is this game censored? (Archived)Junpei_Stupei32/16/2014
Is there a reason to make a species extinct? (Archived)Brandy1977102/16/2014
Did i just buy "running around in circles the game"? (Archived)
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quests done for the first time in NG+ still give the normal rewards right? (Archived)Max5820132/16/2014
Has the main character of a FF game ever died? (Archived)
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Well that was emotional... -Quest 1-5/Luxerion SPOILERS- (Archived)Swan362442/16/2014
so whats the item to lv up skills and whats the best place to get them? (Archived)Max5820132/16/2014
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