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This Game Is Full of Laugh Out Loud Moments and 'Good' Fanservice (Possible Sp.) (Archived)Jukain42/16/2014
Is it fruitful to go easy-normal-hard? (Archived)
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Downside to killing all enemies early? (Archived)SealBlade32/15/2014
PS3 Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns DLC Trade?? (Archived)djhan8122/15/2014
How can you tell how many Soul Seeds you've turned in? (Archived)Mocca_Sweets22/15/2014
The feels! I have so many! *minor spoilers* (Archived)Blue_Inigo52/15/2014
Strange song in pause screen??? (Archived)GlLGAMESH22/15/2014
How do you get the + and ++boss fights? (Spoilers) (Archived)goodlyoak62/15/2014
? on Soldier of Peace Garb (Archived)RGPanzner62/15/2014
I gotta ask about extending days... (Archived)xhominid72/15/2014
Where can I get Attack Level 2 Abilities? (Archived)Milla_Maxwell52/15/2014
Anybody want a Cloud Strife code? (Archived)ginsekai42/15/2014
anyone got an extra yuna summoners garb? (Archived)Accen3512/15/2014
So... these forgefires (Archived)Darkdragon233512/15/2014
What are the Unnapraised Items for? (Archived)Nafe22/15/2014
Special moves? (Archived)S_T_O_N_E_72/15/2014
best weapons for aeronite? *spoiler warning just in case?* (Archived)Zetathekitsune232/15/2014
Siegfried Garb??? (Archived)djhan8122/15/2014
Why am I losing health at the beginning of every battle??? (Archived)Nafe62/15/2014
Should I speed through ATB bars? (Archived)Four_Winds12/15/2014
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