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best weapons for aeronite? *spoiler warning just in case?* (Archived)Zetathekitsune232/15/2014
Siegfried Garb??? (Archived)djhan8122/15/2014
Why am I losing health at the beginning of every battle??? (Archived)Nafe62/15/2014
Should I speed through ATB bars? (Archived)Four_Winds12/15/2014
Yuna dlc (Archived)Pumpedu32/15/2014
best place to do quest (Archived)ryichi22/15/2014
When do the doors between cities unlock? (no real spoilers please) (Archived)sirspankyjnco22/15/2014
How long is the game before the clock runs out? (Archived)IrishSpectre_N7102/15/2014
How do I put the elixir up for sale? (Archived)Deamonwarrior102/15/2014
Fang and Vanille -spoilers- (Archived)Cloud869032/15/2014
Planning out trophies? (Archived)Xiocamie22/15/2014
Hmm, question about Main Quest 1 (SPOILERS) (Archived)NakedJoe4Eva22/15/2014
Is it possible to get Elementa and Elemantaga? (Archived)Milla_Maxwell82/15/2014
stagger and launches (Archived)JediOptimus92/15/2014
Do seeds that you do not turn in (ie: keep in inventory) carry over? (Archived)sakurayule22/15/2014
Is the story really that bad? NO SPOILERS PLEASE (Archived)
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Can somebody explain how this clock system works? (Archived)Blacknosugar92/15/2014
Any other games similar to this? (Archived)
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Garb/Setup for Dunes? (Archived)Amplify32/15/2014
Play it for me quest. (Archived)Aposter2662/15/2014
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