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Omg I hate dryads! (Archived)loxim102/15/2014
Story Arc Question... (Archived)ShadowOfDeath32/15/2014
How strict is the timing for perfect attacks/spells? (Archived)
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Looking for YUNA DLC PS3, Willing to trade X1 TITANFALL BETA CODE (Archived)lovehurtzzz32/15/2014
Am I gonna get the bad ending? :( (Archived)Amplify92/15/2014
Why can't I start Girl who Cried wolf? (Archived)Chronux62/15/2014
Question on time usage (Archived)RiyuJ32/15/2014
Does Aeronite grow stronger as the days go by? (Archived)sakurayule22/15/2014
not using chronostatis (Archived)Magnusmight32/15/2014
Spare Cloud/Yuna codes? (Archived)kazuyamikami12/15/2014
Mechanics you wish were different. (Archived)
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Just got the game not liking it so far (Archived)Murderstorm11792/15/2014
What is the music after finishing M-5 called? (spoilers) (Archived)Gorenks12/15/2014
Where the heck is Anubys? (Archived)Vesperascit42/15/2014
What's the best way to maximize the usefulness of Army of One? (Archived)JackNief62/15/2014
Soundtrack Same As 13-2? (Archived)dratsablive42/15/2014
Would any CE owners trade me their Aerith code for my Yuna code? (Archived)
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Oho! I love this game! It is awesome :D (Archived)
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Any way to quick travel besides the Teleport EP command? (Archived)ssk971675732/15/2014
It bothers me a little (Archived)ZX_Cloud52/15/2014
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