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Why does director sarzhak look like justin timber lake lol? (Archived)Kazuma_Yagami12/15/2014
Since bosses get harder as days pass, is it better to do main missions as early (Archived)Steelguard102/15/2014
spira summoner dlc in first print copies of x/x-2 hd ps3? (Archived)neocrimson0112/15/2014
Free Will Dessert Flame question (Archived)Musashi44532/15/2014
what happens when the time runs out? (Archived)Bwolfs42/15/2014
Question about my Days - Can't tell if I have 13/14 (Archived)quicksilver11742/15/2014
How do I get Soldier of Peace? (Archived)Milla_Maxwell22/15/2014
Ack! A Chaos-Zone Omega Earth Eater! (Archived)sakurayule12/15/2014
Who else is enjoying the hell out of the battle system? (Archived)
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lightning has no emotions yet this is the most personality we've seen from her (Archived)spnccarman62/15/2014
I'll trade Cloud code for Yuna code. PM me (Archived)chimthegreat22/15/2014
Bhakti Forever (Archived)Dsouvan62/15/2014
Preorder dlc (Archived)kasim198612/15/2014
Strongest and best (Archived)circlek2500012/15/2014
9 days remaining (Archived)riglia12/15/2014
Stagger conditions (Archived)Cloud869022/15/2014
Ultimate Lair question (Archived)MetalKirby32/15/2014
You start over if you don't finish main quest by day 12? (Archived)skittlez6762/15/2014
Outerworld Challenge #1 NEW EVENT!!! (Archived)Vincent25102/15/2014
Which garbs change the victory music? (Archived)omegamanx2322/15/2014
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