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Haters gonna hate, prepare you mind (spoilers and much text) (Archived)Erik133712/15/2014
Species refuses to go extinct :| (Archived)jinhaoyu12292/15/2014
Where do I find icespark? (Archived)wwlancergts32/15/2014
Farming abilities and extinct creatures. Am I screwed? (Archived)FishermanFriend52/15/2014
A Last One....in a Chaos Zone (Archived)Brakkis52/15/2014
Question about Reaver weapon (Archived)
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-ra spells better than -ga? (Archived)dashslasher22/15/2014
Boss Rating: Do I Suck? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Sidequests and NG+ (Archived)JaimexCersei32/15/2014
What all carries over to ng+? (Archived)Deamonwarrior22/15/2014
Getting Poisoned (Archived)
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I need help please (Archived)thepatrickpet52/15/2014
Defense stats in a game with no defense stats? (Archived)CuttingEdgeMeta102/15/2014
holy forgefire? (Archived)TalesoftheLulz52/15/2014
Extra set of Yuna and Cloud PS3 codes (Archived)
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Make a debuffer, or have a debuff on each? (Archived)NettoSaito42/15/2014
Load Screen (Archived)Cloud869042/15/2014
Question about rechallenging old bosses (spoilers) (Archived)Rikku15122/15/2014
I'm at aryas vaiiage, but the guy to start the milk quest for the white ..... (Archived)stillwasted22/15/2014
Is this the worst rated one in the history of FF? (Archived)
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