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1-3 Find the Code *spoilers* (Archived)SturmTempest42/15/2014
Dark Knight Garb = Couples Mask (Archived)sakurayule12/15/2014
Spoilers from ff 13-2 and 3, massive plot hole or did I miss something? (Archived)ttalker62/15/2014
This game is frustrating. (Archived)hellfire10492/15/2014
Loved FFXIII, FFXIII-2 not so much, do I give FFXIII-3 my time (Archived)Bulletproof_kev32/15/2014
This game is the first time I've ever skipped cutscenes on a first playthrough. (Archived)
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Omega Niblet (Archived)hellfire10422/15/2014
FF X-2's victory pose (Archived)rito199512/15/2014
Share your TURBOETHER & ETHER (Archived)piichan12/15/2014
Ending (Archived)solidclark1532/15/2014
Getting past the sand storm (spoilers) (Archived)-GIN_n_JUICE-52/15/2014
Anyone found a good spot to Gil-Farm? (Archived)sakurayule52/15/2014
When a clock is hungry, it goes back four seconds. >_> (Archived)
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Split Infinity152/15/2014
I can't install Japanese Voices DLC why? (Archived)ShanaChan1632/15/2014
Xbox 360 Art of War trade (Archived)DRAGONReD_8822/15/2014
Question about last day (Archived)totallyundermin42/15/2014
How do I access my pre order costumes and 13/13-2 ones? (Archived)Blue_Inigo62/15/2014
Tour Guide in Yusaan. Where is pleasure alley? (Archived)hellfire10432/15/2014
So Much HP??? (Archived)Rogue9362/15/2014
Oh cool, you can attack the Sentries in Lux. (Archived)sakurayule12/15/2014
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