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First Print (Archived)LunarisStar42/5/2014
Sign here if your going to play this game one handed (Archived)assassinreaper92/5/2014
so anyone on here that can actually track there package (Archived)cloudkane12/5/2014
So I ordered the Collector's Edition last night... (Archived)Demiak42/5/2014
Hey, it's that guy, Tolinar? and he's complaining about LR!! (Archived)shockfrost52/5/2014
Just bought ps3, where to start?? (Archived)bighat1984102/5/2014
Since she got Lara outfit Eidos give her the outfit she didn't ask for! (Archived)darkphoenix18162/5/2014
Does anybody subscribed to GameInformer know what they scored this game? (Archived)TanyaGD22/5/2014
Demo players, only give Dragoon Gauntlets (Archived)dils-d62/5/2014
How will the FFX DLC work? (And a few other pre-order Qs) (Archived)AnghellicKarma62/5/2014
Tomb Raider DLC? (Archived)
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Worst Final Fantasy Spin Off. (Poll)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
Yuji Kaido412/5/2014
Garb question (Archived)Reidlos_65022/5/2014
If you saw someone who looked like Sazh from Final Fantasy XIII in real life (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Some people..... (Archived)chief60652/5/2014
Do any of Noel costumes carry over into LR? (Archived)jmitnick32/5/2014
Why did you buy the CE? (Poll)
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Anyone not get a email from SE store? (Archived)ResidentGear3192/5/2014
Lumina's English VA (Archived)
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It's fun to see people argue over FF (Poll)PrintScreenKey72/5/2014
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