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Do you get extra weapons with the Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 bonus costumes? (Archived)
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Question about pre ordering and outfits (Archived)Taran_McDohl22/3/2014
E-mail for collector's edition (Archived)FAT____MAN82/3/2014
Do you get pre-order bonuses for ordering on the PSN? (Archived)OfAllTime42/3/2014
DLC codes of the Special Edition are out. (Archived)UNSC_A9892/3/2014
this reward... (Archived)_Dim_82/3/2014
are you getting the collector's edition? (Poll)
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Having trouble purchasing the collector's edition (Archived)
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How long is the demo? (Archived)nurnberg72/3/2014
Anyone know if the Vita version of X/X-2 will have the Yuna costume bonus? (Archived)my_zombie_phil102/3/2014
Yuna garb from FFX,X2 HD (Archived)ventuz22/3/2014
Lightning is suddenly transported to the last non Lightning saga video game you (Archived)
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If I pre-order from the the SE website... (Archived)
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I'm going to finish this series even if it kills me. (Archived)
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Question about DR and shipping policies (Archived)ZeppelisAreBros52/3/2014
Wow, This game is UNDER the DBZ board on the top message boards (Archived)ConflictedX362/3/2014
13/13-2 save datas? (Archived)overlordlaharl082/3/2014
Why is square so bad at making spin off's and sequels? (opinions ahead) (Archived)
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D: -Preordering the Lightning Returns Collectors Edition (Archived)GodlessChaos72/3/2014
Just finished the demo... (Archived)
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