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Worried LR CE shipment... (Archived)-bled_out-color92/4/2014
Anyone see the SNES style recap ad? How desperate are they? (Archived)
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Does each outfit carry a different class? (Archived)hyjinx1772/4/2014
Super excited for this game (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Ignoring everything other than the gameplay, what is your opinion of LR? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ]
This game has one of the best BOSS OF THE GAME battles. *spoiler* (Archived)PrinceOfHot32/4/2014
One more week and I'll have this game in my hands! EXCITING! (Archived)
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C/D making a Lightning saga movie (Archived)
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Weird issue on checkout for CE (Archived)BikkiBikki22/4/2014
Best place to pre-order? (Archived)
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WTF ce! (Archived)Resident Evil Lord42/4/2014
Do you get extra weapons with the Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 bonus costumes? (Archived)
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Question about pre ordering and outfits (Archived)Taran_McDohl22/3/2014
E-mail for collector's edition (Archived)FAT____MAN82/3/2014
Do you get pre-order bonuses for ordering on the PSN? (Archived)OfAllTime42/3/2014
DLC codes of the Special Edition are out. (Archived)UNSC_A9892/3/2014
this reward... (Archived)_Dim_82/3/2014
are you getting the collector's edition? (Poll)
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Having trouble purchasing the collector's edition (Archived)
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How long is the demo? (Archived)nurnberg72/3/2014
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