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Location of "jade barette" item in Yusnaan? (Archived)Split Infinity411/25/2013
This or Xillia ? (Archived)
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HELP! How do I invert controls? (Archived)Einhandr211/25/2013
Do we visit/hear anything related to Oerba in this game? (Archived)tadashii18211/25/2013
You can no longer say that Lightning is Toriyama's waifu (Archived)
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What happens (Archived)circlek25000311/25/2013
Chocobo Eater in Chaos: Help wanted! (Archived)Iightningz311/25/2013
The new world revealed I guess?(spoilers maybe) (Archived)
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What if SE released a DLC episode of a Lightning saga instead of..... (Archived)BlooWaffle411/25/2013
Do you consider the story to be above average (Spoilers) (Archived)
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Okay, so why the **** (Ending spoilers.) (Archived)
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the two best Lightning Returns animated gifs Spoilers (Archived)xenosaga123511/25/2013
Lightning is so lewd (Archived)PlatinumMad511/25/2013
To achieve the impossible... (Spoilers) (Archived)crono12064111/25/2013
The best thing about this game (spoiler) (Archived)
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out of all the final fantasys ..9 should have more love (Archived)
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Does anyone have a link to that video where the whole game is played through? (Archived)SuperJoshi07311/25/2013
Quality of this Game (Archived)Archangel489611/25/2013
anyone got a link to a final boss video SPOILERS!!! (Archived)Morrigan12311/25/2013
Vanille's power (MAJOR SPOILERS) (Archived)Ladysoalluring611/25/2013
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