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2 quests im having trouble with (Archived)Sumomo_Akihime711/23/2013
I'm playing 13 right now. Basically the story here is (Archived)Plant42711/23/2013
has the "game over" when time runs out been seen yet? (Archived)Tenchi UK711/23/2013
Bhunivelze's plan Spoilers alert i will say this only once massive Spoiler alert (Archived)kate08711/23/2013
*Spoilers* So... Who's being spoken about... ? (Archived)TheHolySummon511/23/2013
I bet they'll make a CGI movie next (Archived)
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Erm... How do i save? (Archived)brookesybomb311/23/2013
I saw the final boss battle (SPOILERS) (Archived)L0rdCrump711/23/2013
So how you do beat the final boss? (obvious spoilers) (Archived)
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Ending revealed (spoilers) (Archived)Raijectra611/23/2013
Social app's down (Archived)dils-d111/23/2013
So... the Bhunivelze track [spoilers, obviously] (Archived)
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SE is way too focused on artificial difficulty. (Archived)
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Sooo is that it, then? (spoilers) (Archived)aeon-vanguard01711/23/2013
Ultimate garb (Archived)BlooWaffle811/23/2013
Anybody willing to spoil the plot for me? (spoilers of course) (Archived)Juxtaposition7511/23/2013
Has anyone fought the superboss yet? (spoilz) (Archived)dils-d611/23/2013
jp psn download work on u.s console? (Archived)supertimmy11211/23/2013
How open is this game compared to XII-2? (Archived)SuperLOLZ411/23/2013
So how does the Time mechanic in this game work exactly? (Archived)SuperLOLZ411/23/2013
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