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How to level up/upgrade weapons, shields, accessories? Gil farming? (Archived)Split Infinity111/22/2013
anyone finish dead dunes main quest here? (Archived)Sumomo_Akihime111/22/2013
Alright, so I restarted (Archived)MizuMikomi411/22/2013
Advanced battle videos (Archived)digidevilwil911/22/2013
Help needed (Archived)vishmarx411/22/2013
They don't make characters like they use to... (Archived)Neo_OnionKnight511/22/2013
So, the whole ability... fusing? (Archived)laskal211/22/2013
I love a challenging game but (Archived)
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the boss battles revealed video Spoilers spoilers (Archived)xenosaga123911/21/2013
Hopefully this game will have Titanium Gigantuar with 9,999,999 HP and...... (Archived)
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So now that the game is out in Japan... (Archived)MagiusNecros311/21/2013
*SPOILERS* Question about Caius (Archived)Darktyrannomon711/21/2013
Style or Efficiency? (Archived)
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Impressions (Archived)_Dim_811/21/2013
You know, they really just put a man's face on a hot woman's body (Archived)
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Should I play on easy or normal mode? (Archived)
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Anyone's import copy arrived yet? (Archived)vishmarx711/21/2013
How will the battle system work in this game? (Archived)delibird9511/21/2013
so is this like a arpg like dragons dogma and dark souls (Archived)nativeboi85511/21/2013
Can I play this game without knowing how to read Japanese? (Archived)donthitmeah611/21/2013
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