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Anything extra? (Archived)lindaluv311/19/2013
New theme (Archived)roxas9001911/19/2013
Wouldn't Fang look better in these outfits that Lightning? (Archived)
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Vanille (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Trophy List Confirmed *Spoilers* (Archived)Lightnings13811/19/2013
My body is ready for this game. (Archived)VerteX13211/19/2013
Some new screenshots (Archived)
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Do you think everything that has been shown is all this game has to offer? (Archived)
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To everyone who thinks that Lumina is actually Lightning, you're wrong! (Archived)
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Game releases in 2 days in Japan? (Archived)gwoodtamu311/19/2013
If you could create your own party of characters in the FFXIII saga, who? (Archived)
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New soundtrack , timelapse (Archived)soulabc311/19/2013
So it's possible to kill every monster in the game? (Archived)Xenosheart911/19/2013
What if this game blows your mind? (Archived)
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LR always reminds me of Aqua (Archived)CranberryTaco311/19/2013
Noel: Serah is mine (Archived)Romangelo411/19/2013
Streaming (Archived)BlooWaffle611/19/2013
few questions pertaining to the gods... (spoilers?) (Archived)
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Digital pre order? (Archived)digidevilwil811/18/2013
Who are the confirmed guest characters? (Archived)BlooWaffle711/18/2013
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