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What in the... (Archived)Humanoid_Sharks312/30 7:01PM
Remember when I said this game was going to end up being garbage? (Archived)Howatizer211/1 10:42PM
Please Tell Me There's An Appearance By Blind Guardian... (Archived)byron97110/5 11:55AM
how many hours is this (Archived)spinda20329/29 11:13AM
Who You Gonna Call Achievement - Looking for 2 - 3 players. (Archived)Son-Goku-0319/24 9:15AM
if you like the old arcade game gauntlet you will love this. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
euchamonster77179/22 6:04PM
i think the problem is that they called this sacred 3, instead of just like a (Archived)Xbox-36O48/28/2014
Online play anyone? I will need a 48 hr trial. (Archived)jaysun44018/26/2014
What's the portal in the bottom right? (Archived)BojoBlitz38/23/2014
How to download Underworld DLC on 360? (Archived)ptreemf1268/21/2014
Listening to Sacred Worlds by Blind Guardian... (Archived)Mason_Cain38/21/2014
Extra dungeon and character, are they in the box? (Archived)CAiNiACprime68/21/2014
How do you level the weapon spirits? (Archived)CAiNiACprime68/21/2014
Cant Download Underworld DLC (Archived)Kelley95928/21/2014
Comparable Rpg (Archived)Outsider122058/21/2014
Character design is unbearable (Archived)DeusMortem38/21/2014
Countdown until this title is completely in the toilet, ready to be flushed (Archived)AbrasaxZero78/18/2014
Compared to Sacred 2? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
lf players (Archived)lalwtf18/16/2014
Sacred 3 video review (Archived)robcram88/14/2014
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