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3 years ago#1
While I do enjoy playing Terraria on the PS3, I like the PC version much more. I had the PC version first for a very long time, and I'm more comfortable playing the game with a keyboard and mouse on my computer.
What do you guys think?
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3 years ago#2
Both of them have their own goods and bads but i persinally like pc better because its controlls are easier but then again im playing the ps3 version until redigit updates terraria for pc again rumors are by the end of may
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3 years ago#3
Controls and mods vs splitscreen and fewer cheats.

3 years ago#4
I heard about that update. I'm really excited for it from what I've seen in that screenshot that was shown.
Splitscreen in Terraria is a great idea, but I find it hard to see. Everything just looks so small, and I have a big TV.
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3 years ago#5
The control scheme certainly takes some getting used to, but I think it works pretty well. I think the biggest drawback right now is the numerous glitches. And it doesn't have Omnir's mod.
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3 years ago#6
I'm used to the controls now, but keyboard and mouse is where it's at for me. It's just much more comfortable. I haven't experienced any glitches in the console version so far though.
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3 years ago#7
I was a lover of the PC version with nearly 200 hours on steam, Never used a mod on it so I cant say I care about this feature, The experience is really based on who you play with, Not so much on the game itself.

While the PS3 does not offer full movement like a mouse does, it DOES offer things such as "Directional block placement" which means if you tilt the right analog in a direction, it will use what you have equipped wherever it can, wither its a drill removing blocks, or a block to build a structure, Which I find wonderful.

It also introduces a controlled environment in the form of a console, No "Checking requirements" or "Install errors" The game is what it is, Equal grounds for all.

The PS3 and xbox seem to suffer from a glitch which causes the game to crash either when the host and player get out of sync, or when a boss is killed and it tries to update the kill count but fails since they did not have the room fully loaded (Or something along these lines is what I suspect)

There is also more content...and the problem I had with the PC version, is even when ports and all are config`d properly for all players, it STILL would have issues with hosting and connecting to hosts, And require passing around your IP instead of just joining a friend based on their steam account id... So...Hm

Its a tough call, but the PS3 comes out on top for its get up and go functionality when compared to the PC`s hit and miss setup.
3 years ago#8
They should allow us to reassign the controlls or atleast they should add an all buffs button like in the pc version
PSN DBC321 wow im creative lol
3 years ago#9
Oh, I do have one major complaint about the control scheme: why the devil is drop mapped to square? I don't see any need for it since it's very rarely used, can be done through the inventory screen when it is needed, and can be dangerous to accidentally use (I've already thrown an excalibur off of the bottom of the world, haha).
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3 years ago#10
I play PC for solo play, since mods make it a lot more enjoyable. I do local co-op for the console version, since the core game gets boring after awhile if you play alone, and unlike the PC version, I can't mod in things to keep it interesting (Especially dislike the utter lack of variety when it comes to doors......and inability to swap bgm and soundsets (Use mostly Legend of Zelda music/sounds on my PC version, with final fantasy IX boss music for bosses).

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