WoF Help? (possible glitch?)

#1SpikesamaPosted 5/5/2013 12:11:05 PM
So, the past few days I've been trying to kill the WoF. Got myself a walkway built and everything, just couldn't keep the damage up. So, I spend yesterday and today collecting fallen stars for my star cannon and making meteor shot for my minishark and all that good stuff, reforged to get a modifier or two I want, that kind of thing. So, I go down and toss my guide into the lava so I can start fighting, and the goddamned thing is spawning behind me, going the opposite direction, and I'm instantly getting tongued. Am I doing something wrong? Because it's happened three times consecutively now, and I'm starting to get real pissed off.
#2Gattsu_XIPosted 5/5/2013 12:46:04 PM
It's been a common glitch pretty much since console launch, it just doesn't happen all the time, so it's possible you've just never seen it happen before.
#3Spikesama(Topic Creator)Posted 5/5/2013 12:49:34 PM
Well is there any like, solution to it? Because I feel like I can kill this stupid thing now, and this glitch is 100% getting in my way.
#4ZibbieZonePosted 5/5/2013 5:18:06 PM
This was happening to me when I tried to kill it last. Looked up on the wiki and it said the WoF comes from the closest edge of the world, and travels opposite the direction you're facing when you drop the doll.

So if you're on the far right side, wanting to run left, make sure you continue to face right until the WoF has spawned.
#5St0rmShad0w7Posted 5/5/2013 10:28:14 PM
I can lend a hand killing it if you need it
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#6BlackBostonianPosted 5/6/2013 10:31:42 AM
Ya that glitch is pretty annoying...but if you still need help with WoF or any other boss, my gamertag is tyco617
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