Looking for people to play with.

#1Eminem051Posted 6/13/2013 7:42:20 AM
So I'm pretty new to Terraria, only have Demonite tier armor and tools, but I do know how to play and do the other stuff because I've been reading the wiki a lot. Only one of my friends plays Terraria, and his schedule really doesn't allow for him to play. So I'm here to see if anyone wants to play with me, or even just add me as a friend. If you wanna make a new world and character, or use old ones, doesn't matter. I just wanna get into playing this game with people, so whether you want to play now or just wanna add me, do it. Separately, I have lots of gold bars and gems, and some extra demonite, I'd trade for for some obsidian skin potions. I can make them, but I could always use more for mining hellstone. Also Gills potions.

ALSO, I need a handgun, so that too.

GT: Eminem051