A slap on the ass on Bayonetta

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eurololicon posted...
Overlord_Zerato posted...
There should be a minigame at the end of every mission just for this.

Excellent idea! What more can you do with her ass than spank it?

Well they could add Jeanne in the mix and give them their nun outfits.
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Or you could give Bayonetta a shot. The longer you press the stylus against the touch screen, the deeper the needle sinks in.

If it goes too deep, you'll hurt her. But if it doesn't go deep enough, it'll have no effect since it won't pass the fst layer she has in her ass.

Any more bright ideas? :-)
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Maybe there could be a photoghapher mode where she poses either in a pose or while performing attacks. Those photos can then be saved to your harddrive for further "inspection".

Platinum needs to be taking down notes. This type of stuff works perfectly with the game pad functions.

Also the needle thing may be a bit graphic. But now that I think of it, it works perfectly with her red hot shots. The better/more accurate/more precise the shot the more health she gets back. Also depending on the shot location she might have to bend over. Genious idea
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More like a... never mind
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As for me pretending, let's just say that if you were to google my name with the safe search off, you'd see some of the very public things I've done with some very beautiful women.

I assume they were wearing strap-ons?

Also, nothing worse than a guy who posts on a video game message board trying to impress us with his female exploits. I’d find it ridiculous if I hadn’t already seen it 100 times before.

Yes, I am a nerd. I play more videogames than I probably should. I could argue Doctor Who continuity until the end of time, and I take the time to have arguments on the internet whenever someone's saying something I think is stupid (my ex used to yell at me, actually, for that).

Wow, rare honesty. I’m shocked. Well, except about the whole "ex" thing...I knew it wouldn't last.

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to give the info out if you want to go look up proof yourself, but it's not hard to find proof that I am what I say I am.

Given how little we know about you, it’s quite difficult. Even more difficult to prove that you’re not full of crap. And I’m awfully curious what genre of porn a “video game nerd” fits into outside of the obvious twink category.

Can we please skip the status wars

I don’t know why people try this stuff…even if you’re being honest, no one will believe you on this garbage. Though the “I’m an adult film star” is a new one. Usually they’re pretending to be rich investment bankers or government contract workers.

Excellent idea! What more can you do with her ass than spank it?

And mix it up between butt and boob smacking.
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A photographer mode is an obvious must. The first game had a move or two that had her pose then immediately snapped a pictuer of her. This would be perfect since she likes to show off and she isn't afraid to reveal her body.
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I support this thread.
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