How big are the chances of Nintendo themed costumes?

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Wow, its been ages since I've seen you post. I remember you from when DMC3 was at its height in popularity.

Well what do ya know, haven't been around that much of late.
I created my account around that time and after playing DMC 3, hence the name.
How are you anyways?

Doing alright. DMC is still my favorite game series despite two particular games. I've been on a beat'em up binge lately, tho. You're not a part of phantombabies, are you?

Also, I actually made this account after playing DMC3SE so that's quite a coincidence.

Is phantombabies still about? I've not been there in years.

It's not as active but, yes, it's still up. Joch recently came back to hang around once again.
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Huh, I may have to drop by at some point and see what's new. Last time I logged into phantombabies was way back during TST3.
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Costumes would be nice, but you know what would just be a slap and a tickle?

Some Nintendo weapons! That would really get me going.

The Master Sword might be on the boring side, but Pit's Bow/Light Arrows or Samus' Paralyzer Energy Whip could be real cool. I'm sure you guys could think of more.

Unfortunately I'm having trouble thinking of Nintendo weapons that would be feet based though...hmm.
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Umm...Captain Falcon's boots? Can you imagine Bayo throwing off falcon attacks and stuff? XD
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RevOn_DX posted...
Umm...Captain Falcon's boots? Can you imagine Bayo throwing off falcon attacks and stuff? XD

Oh lawd, please do this Nintendo.
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Only other thing I can think of is stuff like Links steel boots, but in my head, I can see them being just like the standard combos, but without use of the guns attached to her feet.
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Bayo in Zero Suit, please


She already wears a catsuit for all intents and purposes. Zero suit would just be a different color(s).
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I could see Tharja's or Aversa's costumes fitting Bayonetta really well, but I would really like to see her wear Pauline's torn red dress as a costume.
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Oh wait, screw attack boots to turn Bayonetta's jump into an attack. Why didn't I think of that before?
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Here's a pic of Bayonetta with a Peach theme...
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